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Basement Organization Blitz

Basement Organization Blitz

Our house is pretty organized as far as houses mid-renovation go, that is to say if the house doesn't include our basement. Over the past year we have been stashing everything from the renovation in the basement and it has gotten totally out of control messy. We have hoarded away a stockpile that includes - kitchen cabinets, windows, a kitchen counter-top, gallons of paint and stain, a pile of electrical outlets and switches, reclaimed bricks, copper pipe, hardware, scrap wood, light fixtures, blinds and more. On top of all of that we accumulated a lot of tools over the past year. Very useful but not if you can't find them. 

In my dreams our basement would be a functional space where we could store all of our sporting gear and tools and neatly hoard all of our renovation odds and ends. It would also be great to be able to actually use some of the space to do small projects instead of always making a mess upstairs. So that's what I set-out to create!

Maxx is headed out of town this weekend so I'm planning on taking the time to focus on getting the basement in better shape before it gets too cold to go down there!

Here are some pictures of I have to work with - 

Do you see what I mean it's a disaster! 

Here is a picture to give you a better idea of the space

This is my best effort at a sketch of our basement layout 

This is my best effort at a sketch of our basement layout 

The laundry room is clean and I want to keep it that way so there wont be many changes there. There is a little room in the middle of the space (the "dark room") that has no lights and is filled with spider webs so that is going to stay empty. There is another small storage room in the front that all of the old windows are stashed in. The windows are pretty big and heavy so they are going to stay where they are. I'm planning to move a few more storage boxes into that space that I can sort through thoroughly later. The main space is where most of the junk has accumulated and that's where I plan on making the biggest changes.

Here is my step by step plan to get this mess under control - wish me luck!

  1. Move cabinets into the corner of the laundry room so they are out of the way
  2. Move junk boxes into storage room to be sorted through another day
  3. Separate tool shelf into two pieces to create "tool bench" work surface
  4. Hang cabinets and peg board above tool bench for added storage
  5. Sort scrap wood and hang on wall
  6. Move plastic storage bins under stairs

Many hours and about a dozen podcasts later here are the results! It's not exactly pretty but its a big improvement from where I started the weekend. Just as a reminder here is the before...



It looks like a different place right! Not exactly pretty but look at all of that space!

Adding more storage with the cabinets and the extra little shelf on the left (this was in our dinning room until about a month ago) really helped get the tool situation under control. The little shelf now has all of our car repair supplies and painting supplies. I was able to get rid of a bunch of old paint at an environmental drop-off center in town. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! It was taking up so much space and we were never going to use it. 

The cabinets I put up work great for all of the little odds and ends we have accumulated. I used big Tupperware containers to organize all of the electrical outlets, switches and plates we have saved and they are tucked away neatly now.  I also really like how separating the main tool shelf created a nice work surface. I'm really hoping that some of our smaller projects can get done down here now instead of making a mess upstairs. I also love the little peg board I put up! really helped get things organized.

Another little change that I made that made a big impact was using wall hangers to organize the scrap trim and wood along the wall by the stairs. Previous all of this was just pied randomly under the stairs and moving it onto the wall created a lot more space for storage under the stairs. 

That's all folks - not the most glamours before and after but it feels so good to have that done!

Painting Progress - More Base White

Painting Progress - More Base White

DIY Copper Pipe Ladder

DIY Copper Pipe Ladder