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Prepping and Painting the Hallway and Stairs

Prepping and Painting the Hallway and Stairs

We did a lot of painting before moving in last summer but the one area in the house that we didn't get to was the hallway up to the second floor. It was last on our list because we didn't have to worry about furniture being in the way after moving in. Even though it's not really a "room" or a place we spend time in, it certainly adds to the unfinished feeling of the house. Over the past few weeks Maxx has spent hours prepping for paint and now we are making the final push to finally finish the space.

Check-out this hallway before just to set the stage for the amount of work we've done.

Before photo Staircase

Before photo upstairs hallway

Before photo stairs - Ew that carpet!

The back of the hallway has vertical wood paneling. We first had to remove some old wallpaper then prime the wood with and oil based white primer so that the new paint wouldn't turn yellow. Off-white is my least favorite thing in the entire world and it is supper noticeable when everything around it freshly painted. I'll save you the rant and just say read my other post HERE if you care.

In progress photo priming wood paneling back of hallway

In progress priming wood paneling back of hallway

The majority of the prep was the wood trim around the stair case. It took a solid week for Maxx to get the peeling paint under control but it's going to make such a huge difference when everything is done. Here is an in progress photo of the stairs. At this point the carpet was removed and staircase was replaced but we still hadn't repaired the plaster walls or put in the new wood floor. 

In progress photo of the staircase - carpet remove, new stairs

Here is the same space before we painted. The plaster is repaired, the floors are installed and refinished and the trim is prepped and ready for paint. 

In progress photo staircase preped for paint

Another area that needed trim work were the panels in the front part of the hall. We removed the cheap particle board panels that were there and installed new wood bead board and trim to complete the space.  

In progress photo hallway particle board panels removed

In progress photo new wood bead board installed

Another mini project we got done in the space was cleaning up the hardware on the doors. For a small house we have a lot of doors (FIVE doors in this little hallway alone!) That's a lot of old crusty hardware. Some of doors still need to be painted but at least the hardware is ready to go when we get around to it. For tips on how to remove paint from old hardware read my blog post on the process I use HERE

Here is a sneak peak of our painting progress so far. It is really coming along and feels so fresh and clean even though we still have a few details to get done. 

In progress painting risers

In progress first coat of paint on stairs 

Hallway white paint coming along nicely!

New wood bead board installed and painted

New wood bead board installed and painted 

So much progress! This was the last major painting endeavor in the house and it feels great to have it behind us. We still have some finishing to get done in the space. There are three doors to paint and we have some more trim that needs to go in on the stairs but hopefully we stay on it and get it finished up soon. Let me know what you think of the process so far!

Last IKEA Trip 2016

Last IKEA Trip 2016

Painting Progress - More Base White

Painting Progress - More Base White