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Bathroom Progress

Bathroom Progress

We are making serious progress in the bathroom. When we moved in the goal was functionality. I was just so happy that we had a sink and a shower! Recently we finished the majority of the trim and starting restoring the built-in cabinet and it's looking better than ever. 

Here is a picture of the bathroom from before we moved in. So gross! Looking at these I can't believe how much better it is now. Since this photo we removed the closet, replaces the walls, put in new tile, moved the tub and replaces the sink and toilet! Pretty much a whole new bathroom!

That tub is the only thing that stayed. We had tried our best to save the marble vanity top but it just didn't work when we reconfigured the space, but don't worry it is safe in our basement along with the cute antique sink fixture and medicine cabinet mirror. 

For a long time what were were missing was the finishing work. This is pretty much how that bathroom has been since we moved in back in August. Functional but still unfinished. The two biggest unfinished projects were the trim and the built-in cabinet. The window was the biggest eyesore. It just sticks out like a sore thumb in the otherwise crisp white new bathroom. Every time I looked at it I just can't imagine that everything was that terrible color! Especially since the window is so big. Our house is a one and a half story so the upstairs cellings are lower and to make the windows normal size they are lower to the ground. In a small room like this bathroom it make the window look huge for the space. So for the past year we have had a HUGE ugly window. 

Last week my parents came to town for a few days and my dad can't resist getting a project in when he visits so he helped us get the bathroom work moving.

First we prepped all of the old trim to get it ready for fresh paint. We also added some extra trim to the edge of the window to make it a little more distinctive. The existing trim was just plain square stock so it needed a little something extra. The plan as always was to pain it white and I wanted to make sure that it didn't just blend into the wall when it was finished. I think it was well wroth the few extra dollars and a little extra effort in the end.

Here are some pictures of the trim going in. 

After some wood filler and more base white paint TA-DA! our window is finished! it looks so much better :)

Here is the before and after - Thanks for getting us moving on this project dad :)

One thing that I think is still missing is a nice window treatment. The privacy film I put in is great but the cheap mini blinds are just not cutting it. I would like to do a roman shade but the window isn't a standard size so I would have to do a custom one. I tried a pinterest roman share DIY and it was such a miserable fail I'm scared to try again! I should really start blogging my pinterest fails. Maxx will attest to the fact that there are a lot of them (mostly to do with food not house stuff). Any window treatment suggestions would be much appreciated!

While my dad was here he also helped us get started on the built-in cabinet. The original plan was to just paint the entire thing white but I started thinking about having a white counter top in the bathroom and thought cleaning the dust off of it would drive me crazy. Especially because of the moisture in the bathroom it was just collect wet dust and look gross. So I got it in my head that we should have a stained wood top. I thought that we would need to install a new piece of wood because what was there seemed so far gone, but between Maxx and my dad they were able to scrape the original down to bare wood and it looks great! Really happy we got to keep the original and make it pretty again! 

The staining is kind of my dad's area of expertise so it was great to have him there to stain and finish the top. We went with a Chestnut stain. Right now it is the only wood in the bathroom and it really pops with all of the white. 

So now we are left with painting the cabinet doors and all of the big bathroom projects will be done! Can't believe it we are so close! I'll do another post with the full story on the built-in transformation when it's finished. 

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