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Dinning Room Update

Dinning Room Update

Last weekend I finally got around to taking on some smaller projects in the dinning room so I thought it would be a good time to do a quick update on what's going on in there.

A while back we took a big step and actually got some dinning doom furniture. We have never lived anywhere with space for a dinning room so we had to start from scratch. Our new table and chairs are from IKEA. We also added the pendant lamp from IKEA over the dinning room table.

The trim is painted. The window trim and baseboards were the original beige color so I painted them white to match what we have going in the rest of the house. I also took down the wooden blinds. I originally took them down just to paint but after the trim was painted they looked much darker and heavier so I didn't but them back. Especially since the windows are already frosted we don't really need them. I also put up new curtains. I'm super excited about this because these are the first curtains we put up in the whole house and they look great! Here are some before and afters.



Next on our dinning room punch list is painting the doors to the pantry and basement. There is always more trim to paint :) I also want to find something to do with the back wall (that you can't really see in these pictures. Right now we have a small kitchen cart against that wall and it's not the right size but we need it for storage until we have the open shelving installed in the kitchen. I think it would be really nice to hang the rest of our cities prints there (I have two on the wall between the windows so we have 6 left). I think it would look a lot more open without the extra furniture cluttering up that space.

We still have a bunch to do in here but it's a start!

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