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Last IKEA Trip 2016

Last IKEA Trip 2016

We live in Vermont so the closest IKEA for us is in Canada - not exactly convenient... so whenever we are driving somewhere for the weekend I try to plan an IKEA trip on the way home if we are passing one. This trip was a quick one just needed a few things but everything on my list made a big impact. 

IKEA Shopping List


ALÄNG - Ceiling lamp, white


LYSBOJ - ceiling lamp, white


IVAR - Shelving unit, pine

First we picked up an IVAR shelving system for the dinning room. I've been thinking about what to do with our dinning room wall for so long and this made such a big difference. We used to have a metal kitchen rack in its place but it was really small and didn't look right. The new shelf fills the whole space but it is narrower so it actually allows a little more room to get around our table on that side. I love that we get so much more storage too. I was originally going to get the IVAR cabinets for the bottom of the shelves but I thought that would look too heavy. The other thing I really like about this shelf unit is that it covers the whole wall without doing built-ins that mess up the wall or are stuck there if we move. I'm really happy with how it looks now and I'm really happy with the price too. We ended up buying two complete shelving units and then a few extra shelves and one more cross brace to end up with three units for a total cost of $170. Not bad right! Here are some pictures of it being put together.

IVAR Shelf assembly 

What a mess! It always looks worse before it looks better!!!

We also finally bought two more drum lights to replace the awful flush-mount lights in our bedroom and for the upstairs hallway. Here is a little sneak peak at what the bedroom is looking like these days. It's really coming along and the lights make a big difference. These are my go to drum lights. They are easy to install, inexpensive and a good style alternative to the cheap home improvement store flush mounts. We also picked up IKEA's cheapest flush mount fixture the LYSBOJ (it's only $8!!!) for the small bedroom. So we are officially done on lighting! 

Another quick project that we did recently was re-purpose an aluminium IKEA shelf  that we took out of the small apartment kitchen in the master bedroom closet. We haven't re-done any of the storage spaces in the house yet. There is actually a lot of storage for such an old house - Two average size bedroom closets, a linen closet by the bathroom, a crawl space between the upstairs hallway/ bedroom (Yes it's strange the crawlspace is like a tunnel from the hallway to the back of the master bedroom) and a huge pantry off the dinning room. We wanted to put a shelf in the bedroom closet to help keep things a little more organized an accessible i.e. shoe storage! We have two more of these shelves in the basement not sure where we will use them but they are pretty nice so.

I always love a good IKEA trip :)

Prepping and Painting the Hallway and Stairs

Prepping and Painting the Hallway and Stairs